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Motorcraft oem spark plug wires

Hi first time on here, my name is Greg & I live in Western Australia. Gotta parts question / enquiry regarding the 93- 95 Cobra engine Mustangs. We have the same (supposedly) engine fitted to our EL GT Falcons down in Australia. I am chasing the correct Motorcraft ignition wires for the car. The Aussie engine runs 24 lb injectors, GT 40 iron heads, the GT 40 Tubular intake manifold, 1.7:1 rockers., 70 m/m maf ,& 65 m/m throttle body. This engine aso runs the "Cobra" spec camshaft, instead of the "HO" camshaft. Still with me guys? According to a few parts warehouses in the US, the correct part number for the wire set is WR 4017. That's great except thats not the correct wire set for the car. My car runs "MOTORCRAFT" stamped wires, grey in color, with the designated cylinder number to which cylinder it runs to, & has an orange 45 degree spark plug boot on each wire. Ford Australia claim there are 2 wire sets used on the GT 40 "Cobra" enhanced "Aussie" version of the engine. F3RE12280 (right bank of engine) F3RE 12281 AA (left bank of engine). Does any this make any sense to you 93-95 Cobra drivers/owners.? There is only 250 of these cars in Australia, getting the correct parts for them is a nightmare. Thanks for any help, advice. Greg.

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