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Ford has dominated Chevy when it comes to performance cars since the early-90s and even back in the 60s and 70s (including when the Mustang II outsold the Camaro). Chevy just doesn't seem to know what to do. Besides their Corvette, nothing in their lineup is worthwhile, and god forbid trying to get one of those Z06s with that steep 70-75 thousand bucks you have to pay for the **** things. All of the other performance SS models just don't have what it takes to actually be worth anyone's time. Malibu SS is just too plain ugly, the Silverado SS looks somewhat nice, but is very slow for the 35 grand is costs, the Cobalt SS is just unreliable rice, the SSR is definitely overpriced and just agravates me to the point of insanity (LOL), the upcoming Monte Carlo and Impala which both are hideous, and the Trailblazer SS which is about the only semi-cool one of the bunch and I'm sure that'll cost a load of money too. And now they want a retro-Camaro. By the time they release it, it'll be WAY too late and even if it isn't, the Mustang will kill its sales numbers as always.
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