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Yeah, the SRT-8 looks amazing especially compared to the lame base editions of the car. The biggest problem is the price. This will definitely stretch into the 40-45 thousand price range, considering that the 300C SRT-8 costs about 40 grand and that the base Charger will cost more than the base my estimates. Also, for 15 thousand dollars less you could just buy a Mustang GT that isn't all that much slower, has a much cooler design, 2 doors, and is...well...A FORD!!!

P.S - With the new Shelby Cobra GT500 costing only around 40 grand (Autoweek estimates) and will most likely be running in the low 12-second range (a second faster than what the SRT-8 will probably run), there is no doubt that consumers should get a Mustang.
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