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Originally Posted by HURTNEM
What type of blower is on the 03-04 Cobras? I thought Ford used Vortechs, but I'm not sure.

Also, doesn't the Mach1 have the same exact engine as the Cobra except it doesn't have the Supercharger? If so, I could put a Blower on the Mach1 and have the same performance as the Cobra, right?
03 and 04 Cobra have Roots style Eaton superchargers. Mach1's do not have the same engine as the Cobras. Although they are both DOHC, 4 valve engines, the Cobra engines are way better than Mach 1 engines. First of all Mach1 engines comes with a 10:1 compression ratio which is way too high if your gonna run boost on that engine. 03-04 Cobra engines are designed to withstand a tremendous amount of HP. For example, one of my friends installed a ProTurbo Kits turbo on his mach1. Guess what?, his engine didnt last that long. So he went and bought an 04 cobra shortblock. Now his car is running like a champ, soon to go up on the boost.
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