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Ugh...Dodge was doing pretty good with their Magnum and 300C, but this ruins what they had going. Instead of making a cool, modernized version of their old 60s muscle car, they put together some overweight and ugly 4-door sedan for mass consumption. I thought when I saw the Magnum and 300C arrive, that Dodge was going to make a pretty cool Mustang competitor, but that obviously isn't going to happen. Hopefully there's a 2 door coupe version or at least a 2-door SRT model. With this, I say to Dodge fans..."I'm sorry". To Chevy fans, I say..."THE CAMARO STILL WON'T SELL AS GOOD AS THE MUSTANG!!!!!" To import fans, I say..."meh...". And to Ford fans...well, I just laugh with them as other companies try to have as much success as Ford has had with the Mustang.
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