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Autoweek article on the special edition '05+ Mustangs

This was on the Autoweek website. It's about special edition Mustangs like the Mach 1, Cobra, and Bullitt.
Here it is in full...

Just weeks from the debut of the redesigned 2005 Mustang, Ford is at work on special-edition Mustangs for the 2006 model year.

The high-performance SVT Mustang Cobra is slated to reappear for the 2006 model year, Ford Division President Steve Lyons said at a press event here. But other niche versions are coming, too.

"We've got to look at Machs and Bullitts and Bosses," Lyons said, referring to storied special editions of the past. "We just have to decide which one we want to pull out of our hat first."

Those special editions follow the coupe, which should be on sale by late October, and the convertible, which should be on sale in March.

Incentives will be limited at first. Lyons said to expect subsidized finance rates and possibly "loyalty" cash to previous Mustang buyers.

Initial sales are expected to skew in favor of the 4.6-liter V8 GT model. But ultimately, Lyons said, the sales breakdown will return to its pattern of about one-third V8s and two-thirds V6s.

Ford is still trying to sell its stock of 2004 Mustangs. It had 25,200 units, or a 96-day supply, as of Sept. 1.

Though he thought the 2004 model would be more scarce by now, Lyons said, he is not worried about clearing out the old models.

He said he wants some 2004 models around when the redesigned Mustang goes on sale.

Mustang advertising should appear around Nov. 1, Lyons said. Ford will reveal more about the marketing launch later, but it is expected to encompass a variety of media.

For instance, expect to see the 2005 Mustang on fall TV programming. It will be a 16th birthday gift for a character on Fox's "The O.C." when that program opens its season in November.

Also, the lead spy on ABC's "Alias," played by Jennifer Garner, will drive the 2005 Mustang during a fall episode

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