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bluewitha302 12-02-2012 05:23 PM

vin number help
Am searching for my old 641/2 convertible (yea I know, I should never of sold it) The vin number from the old registration (Texas 1970) is 4F08c776753. Since it had a 289 the engine code should have been D so maybe that is a misprint. The last 6 numbers are the consecutive numbers which I don't know what they mean especially since only 120K plus of minus mustangs were made that year. The real problem I am having is that sites that search for vin numbers (like CarFax etc) want a 17 digit vin number which this isn't. So I don't know how to overcome this. Any help/direction would be appreciated. I also have a "index" number which might be strictly a number used by that car dealer that was on the registration? index # 2305303. I bought this little prize for $700, proceeded to drive the heck out of it, blow the engine, replace it with a junk yard 302, then drive it to Valdez Alaska and sold it for #500. Last time I saw it the native driver had 3 ladies and a huge dog in it driving around Valdez. I should be tied to the mast and whipped for how I treated it.

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