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Solving your idle problems part 2 - Cleaning your throttle body
In part one we covered the most common problem that will cause idle problems, the IAC, but there is an often overlooked area of the intake tract that also regulates how much air enters the engine. That part is the throttle body plate (picture 2 "A").
The throttle body plate is a part inside the throttle that flips open when you press on the accelerator and the amount it opens depends on how much you press the accelerator.
Well just like the IAC when the throttle body gets gunked up with carbon it can stop it from closing all of the way causing idle problems. So the obvious next step? Clean it!

1. What is needed?
- Flathead screwdriver
- Can of carburetor/throttle body cleaner

2. Getting to the throttle plate
The first step is to remove the air duct that goes between the throttle body and MAF (mass airflow sensor). There's not much work to be done because all that holds that air duct is two clamps that need to be loosened with a flathead screwdriver. (or an 8mm or 5/16 socket)
On certain engines/models you may need to remove wires or small hoses from the air duct like the one pictured.
Mustang throttle body location
Picture 1

3. Cleaning the throttle plate
Look inside your throttle body. Do you see all of the gunked up carbon? (that black stuff) Well that's what you need to get rid of with your carb cleaner so get to it!
You're going to want to either hold the throttle open with your hand or have somebody do it for you by pressing on the accelerator so you can clean all around the throttle plate. You might also want to put a shop rag or paper towels under the the throttle body to catch all of the carb cleaner before it goes all over your fender. The Throttle body in picture 2 was taken off the car for illustrative purposes.
Mustang throttle body
Picture 2

4. Putting it back together
Replace the air duct, and any wires you disconnected. Then start her up!!!
Again, just like when cleaning the IAC, don't worry if it takes a little longer to start. Also dont worry about that puff of smoke from the exhaust.

Check out part 3 - Resetting the base idle

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